Importance of Hydrogen Peroxide

When it comes to hydrogen peroxide there are many benefits to using it as we've outlines in our rembrandt 2 hour whitening kit reviews. Below I’ll break down why hydrogen peroxide is so important and why it has such a significant impact in the teeth whitening industry.

Works Fast

One of the leading reason why hydrogen is so widely utilized comes down to the fact that it works fast. Dentist do not have time to waist and you probably already know this if you’ve ever walked into a crowded dental office. Dentist choose to use hydrogen peroxide because not only is it effective but it has outperformed pretty much every other whitening agent on the market.

Reacts Best With LEDs

There have been numerous studies on the impact of LED’s and how they affect our whitening experience. Out of all the studies done with teeth whitening and LED’s, results show that hydrogen peroxide reacts best with LED’s compared to other whitening agents. Not only that but studies show that the more powerful the LED, the greater the impact. This is why when you go to a dental offices or kiosk to get your teeth whitening done, they all use high powered LEDs. It leads to great results!

All Dentist Use It

Every dentist does not always see eye to eye when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, one dentist might take one course of action while another dentist might take another course of action. When it comes to whitening it seems that all dentist agree that hydrogen peroxide is the best solution for the job. I’ve personally never been to or seen any dentist use any other whitening agent.

Safe In Low Amounts

When it comes to safety, I would be lying to say that hydrogen peroxide is the safest whitening agent because truth be told it’s not. There are safer alternatives to hydrogen peroxide such as backing soda but they are not nearly as effective which is why they are not commonly used in teeth whitening kits. With that being said, hydrogen peroxide has been deemed perfectly safe as long as it’s used in low amounts. This should not be a problem when using teeth whitening kits because the amount of hydrogen peroxide allowed to be used is regulated.

No Other Agent Can Outperform It

Like mentioned before, no other whitening agent can outperform the power and effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide. Its power is simply unmatched and it delivers the best results so don’t be fooled by whitening kits using other whitening agents because at the end of the day there is a reason why hydrogen peroxide is the standard for whitening.

It’s Not For Everyone

Now I will say this, if you have sensitive teeth then you might have to use the alternative whitening agents because when using hydrogen peroxide some users cannot handle the stinging sensation that usually accompanies it (even though it only last for a few minutes). If you don’t have sensitive teeth, then you should not have any problem when using hydrogen peroxide in your teeth whitening regimen as long as you use the proper amount.